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Cemeteries With No Stones

There are several private cemeteries that have disappeared because of agricultural use of the land or encroaching forests. Approximate locations are known but there are no markers to indicate exact locations and/or gravesites.

The table below will give a name of the cemetery based on location or persons buried, location of the site, and names of those known or suspected to be interred in each. This list is not complete. Further information and corrections are welcome.


Name of Cemetery


People Buried


c. 1800

Chas Mackay land, Beasley’s Point, Holderville. Approximately 200 feet WSW of the house.

Thomas Sealy, his wife Mary Suggatt. Joel Crawford, his wife Catherine Sealy (dau of Thomas).


c. 1854 - 1859

In Holderville on property owned by the sisters Sherwood/Patstone whose camp is on Admiral Lane; between Henderson Brook and St. John River, east side of hill. In the early 1950s the site was marked with a pole fence, but now the site is not known. An effort was made by descendants of David Henderson to find the site in 1993 but to no avail. The hill has since been lumbered so chances of finding it now are small.

Probably David and Angelina Henderson, their daughter-in-law Margaret Kimble, wife of George Henderson (see Moss Glen, below) and George and Margaret's first born child (still birth).


08 Nov 1932

On the Crawford House property in Holderville, now owned by Dr Tonning, between the house and main road near the north property line.
Stillborn son of Thurlow and Grace (Crawford) Henderson.


c. 1800

On property owned by Charles Holder, Long Reach, somewhere in pasture back of barn, top of hill. This property was granted to Samuel Sharp UE whose daughter married Jacob Holder UE. Charles is a descendant.

Jacob and Mary (Sharp) Holder. Other Holders.



c. 1820s

Located at the down river end of Long Island in the Kennebecasis Bay. The exact location of this cemetery is unknown. Efforts are being made to locate it.

Likely Philip Keithline, Loyalist, and members of his family. There is a Keithline/Cathline memorial stone in St Paul's Anglican Cemetery.

Moss Glen

"There was one lookout in Moss Glen. This was near the Nail Factory Wharf and was used to watch for Indians or other enemies in the olden days. This building belonged to Mr. Keirstead and was known as the Keirstead Castle. Near the Castle is an old grave yard which was allowed to grow up and is now covered with bushes. This is near the dividing line between Moss Glen and Whitehead." This from History of Moss Glen by Lillian Brien, 1928

Not known.

Moss Glen

c. 1899-1900

Moss Glen's only church, of Methodist denomination, was built at the top of the knoll near the schoolhouse in 1885. A cemetery adjoined it, and there were some burials. No stones were erected, and the church is no longer there. The site is now occupied by a house formerly owned by the late Knight Burhoe.

George Henderson of Holderville (See Henderson above). There are others also.


On property owned by Betty Day in Grays Mills, on the river side of Rte 845. There was a stand of bushes at the spot several years ago, but they have disappeared and location is by guess only.

Members of the Nutter family.


c. 1820s

Seth Seely arrived on the Loyalist ship Union 12 May 1783. He was granted Lot #15 at Long Reach in what is now called Grey's Mills. On a steep hillside facing the river are more than 15 field stones which mark the graves of Seth and his family. A monument was erected at this site in 1983 by descendants of Seth Seely.

Seth Seely. His wife Sarah Scofield. Family members.

Titus Property, Gorhams Bluff

c. 1780s

On the Reid Titus farm, which was land granted or bought by Nathanial Gorham, Loyalist. There was no marker for the gravesite but it was never ploughed over until, at least, 1931. The site is believed to be in the field north of Reid's house, between the road and the river, some three rods (about 50 feet) from the road. Ref: The Gorham Family on the Kingston Peninsula

Believed to be Mary (Whitney) Gorham, wife of Nathanial Gorham, and possibly two children.

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