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Death dates of People with sunames beginning with A and B

PageSurname1st nameDateLocation
D3---Pearl10 Oct 1894Wetmore Scrapbook
D4---------etta13 --mber 1889Wetmore Scrapbook
D1-------------07 Aug 1889Wetmore Scrapbook
754AddisonCharles McKeownWetmore Scrapbook
AitkenDouglas G12 Apr 1981Dorothy White
AitkenStephen F11 Jan 1984Dorothy White
Anderson John12 Nov 1969Book 1 Hazel Hanlan
13AndrewsElla (Holder)21 Oct 1936Book 1 Myrtle Burnham
43AndrewsGeorge William30 Sep 1949Book 2 Myrtle Burnham
AndrewsJohn A, 67Dorothy White
975Andrews Leslie J[] 10 Jul 1943Wetmore Scrapbook
746AndrewsMrs George [Ella]21 Oct 1936Wetmore Scrapbook
Andrews Leslie J.10 Jul 1943Book 1 Gladys Titus
130ApplebyMiss Eva1965Book 2 Myrtle Burnham
ApptBeatrice "Bea" M21 Sep 1989Dorothy White
977ArmstrongAnnie Florence07 Aug 1946Wetmore Scrapbook
ArmstrongBeulah MaryDecDorothy White
130ArmstrongRobert "Bo" E21 Oct 1973Book 1 Myrtle Burnham
ArthursA Lavena "Vene"15 Oct 1981Dorothy White
ArthursDavid M17 Feb 1990Dorothy White
ArthursEllen H24 Sep 1990Dorothy White
ArthursGeorgina A11 Apr 1991Dorothy White
ArthursGladys Marion10 Jul 1991Dorothy White
ArthursJohn W23 Apr 1992Dorothy White
ArthursJune01 Jan 1985Dorothy White
ArthursMalcolm31 Jan 1986Dorothy White
ArthursWalter Leslie22 Aug 1989Dorothy White
ArthursWilliam Christie23 Aug 1990Dorothy White
AthrursHarry Alexander04 Oct 1980Dorothy White
AtkinsFrederick Parker01 Jun 1969Dorothy White
AtkinsNorman H08 Jul 1995Dorothy White
AtkinsViola T14 Jan 1979Dorothy White
9BaileyMaureen EBook 1 Myrtle Burnham
Barnes Emily Jane25 Oct 1855MGD/Trinity
761Barr??? (Flewelling)27 Feb 1941Wetmore Scrapbook
BateArchdeacon Alban Frederick24 Jul 1986Dorothy White
BaxterJoseph Rulofson Fowler31 Aug 1988Dorothy White
BaxterMary A19 Mar 1995Dorothy White
963BaxterRobert EdwardWetmore Scrapbook
BaxterRonald Douglas05 Aug 1993Dorothy White
D3BedellDelia A29th ultWetmore Scrapbook
BeesleyDorothy18 Jan 1980Dorothy White
BeesleyG Mabel03 Oct 1985Dorothy White
BeesleyHarriet A18 Apr 1980Dorothy White
BeesleyNorman Allen06 May 1988Dorothy White
BeesleyWinnifred L01 Apr 1979Dorothy White
Beesley Grover CBook 1 Hazel Hanlan
Beesley John W17 May 1973Book 3 Hazel Hanlan
Beesley Raymond Gilchrist1967Book 1 Hazel Hanlan
29/30 Beesley Raymond Gilchrist21 Aug 1967Helen Flewelling
30 Beesley Ruth H (Williamson)Helen Flewelling
132BellCecil08 Jan 1966 Book 2 Myrtle Burnham
119 / 120BellIvy Beatrice18 Feb 1963Book 2 Myrtle Burnham
760BelyeaBert D27 Feb 1929Wetmore Scrapbook
111 / 130BelyeaCharles H06 Sep 1964Book 2 Myrtle Burnham
BelyeaEdward S31 Jan 1983Dorothy White
BelyeaMinnie Winnifred15 May 1979Dorothy White
D2BelyeaMrs Sarah J19 Feb 1892Wetmore Scrapbook
77BelyeaSeth Rudolf21 Apr 1939Book 1 Myrtle Burnham
962BelyeaTilley W18 AugWetmore Scrapbook
Belyea Catherine18 Feb 1857MGD/Trinity
Belyea Mrs Henry04 Feb 1849MGD/Trinity
Belyea Percy S.02 Dec 1976Book 4 Gladys Titus
Ben-Gurion David1 Dec 1973Book 3 Hazel Hanlan
Benny Jack26 Dec 1974Book 3 Hazel Hanlan
Bird Hon. Wallace S.04 Oct 1971Book 3 Gladys Titus
Bishop Mary (Russell)Sep 1972Book 4 Hazel Hanlan
Bissett Agnes E (Hall)1975Book 5 Hazel Hanlan
Bissett Clarence Carvell29 Nov 1975Book 5 Hazel Hanlan
Bissett Percy5 Nov 1923Book 1 Hazel Hanlan
3,10 BlaisdellElmira E (Holder)27 Oct 1915Helen Flewelling
42BlanchHarriet J1945Book 2 Myrtle Burnham
D3BlanchardSarah25th instWetmore Scrapbook
77BonnellJessie (McLean)1938Book 1 Myrtle Burnham
BonnellWalter03 Feb 1919Dorothy White
753BonnerMargaret Annie10 Oct 1931Wetmore Scrapbook
Loose BostwickVida G (MacDougall)16 Jan 1996Helen Flewelling
Bostwick Chesley A1975Book 5 Hazel Hanlan
Bovaird Miss Muriel R20 Feb 1974Book 3 Hazel Hanlan
D3BoydEllen21 May 1893Wetmore Scrapbook
D9BoyleFrederick04 JanWetmore Scrapbook
751BoyleMiss Emma26 NovWetmore Scrapbook
BradleyDavid Erza23 May 1995Dorothy White
748BranscombeJ Warren23 Jan 1916Wetmore Scrapbook
997BreenAgnes A11 Feb 1949Wetmore Scrapbook
D3BreenDavid M15 Mar 1894Wetmore Scrapbook
761BreenGeorge Nelson17 Jan 1941Wetmore Scrapbook
741BreenJames Ernest24 Oct 1932Wetmore Scrapbook
1006BreenJames KThursdayWetmore Scrapbook
757BreenJohn D19 MarWetmore Scrapbook
BreenM Audrey19 Feb 1984Dorothy White
D4BreenRebecca24 May 1885Wetmore Scrapbook
760BreenSgt Nelson Douglas04 Dec 1939Wetmore Scrapbook
D2/748BreenWife18 Sep 1892Wetmore Scrapbook
742BreenWilliam E04 FebWetmore Scrapbook
D2Breen[loose]Agnes A11 Feb 1949Wetmore Scrapbook
BrenanRuth Aline, 7110 Nov 1979Dorothy White
743/756BrienAlfred G07 Jul 1934Wetmore Scrapbook
D6Brien Laura LJan 1953Wetmore Scrapbook
BrigdenCharles J24 Mar 1990Dorothy White
Brittain Miss Hilda OMayBook 4 Hazel Hanlan
BrooksDouglas W28 Feb 1986GM Clippings
Brooks Hon. A. J.Dec 1967Book 2 Gladys Titus
761BrownEmily R02 Feb 1941Wetmore Scrapbook
Brown Carleton L.26 Jul 1975Book 4 Gladys Titus
Brown T. Lloyd17 Nov 1979Book 4 Gladys Titus
D4BrundageH AliceWetmore Scrapbook
BrundageLeslie GDorothy White
BuckleyErnest31 Jul 1990Dorothy White
BuckleyLloyd F27 Mar 1983Dorothy White
BuckleyLottie M02 Sep 1985Dorothy White
BuckleyPercy N26 Sep 1981Dorothy White
BuckleyRoy C, 7304 Apr 1989Dorothy White
Buckley Willis SamuelOctBook 3 Hazel Hanlan
D11BurchWilliam J24 instWetmore Scrapbook
962BurgessMargaret01 AprWetmore Scrapbook
116BurnhamA Gray12 Oct 1961Book 1 Myrtle Burnham
30BurnhamAdelaide Louisa31stBook 1 Myrtle Burnham
30BurnhamAlicia A26 Jun 1926Book 1 Myrtle Burnham
15BurnhamArchibald G28 Feb 1928Book 1 Myrtle Burnham
116BurnhamElizabeth M (Nobles)21 Dec 1961Book 1 Myrtle Burnham
L6BurnhamErnest Edmund29 AprBook 2 Myrtle Burnham
78BurnhamEthel Blanche02 Sep 1937Book 1 Myrtle Burnham
94BurnhamEthel Blanche1936Book 1 Myrtle Burnham
13BurnhamEthel De VolBook 2 Myrtle Burnham
L1/35/37BurnhamLt Archibald Gerald04 Oct 1944 WW IIBook 2 Myrtle Burnham
12BurnhamMrs DanielBook 1 Myrtle Burnham
13BurnhamThomas Daniel29 Mar 1927Book 1 Myrtle Burnham
A Gray
12 Oct 1961Book 2 Myrtle Burnham
19Burnham Archibald Gray28 Feb 1928Book 2 Myrtle Burnham
65 / 132Burnham Florence Louise19th instBook 2 Myrtle Burnham
48Burnham Miss Florence10 Mar 1948Book 2 Myrtle Burnham
48 / 65 / 89Burnham Oliver Arnold01 Apr 1949Book 2 Myrtle Burnham
88BurnhamLoose obitG N Arnold14 Sep 1932Book 1 Myrtle Burnham


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