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Death dates of People with surnames beginning with E to G

PageSurname1st nameDateLocation
D1EaglesE Jennie07 Aug 1889Wetmore Scrapbook
Earhart Amelia1937Book 4 Gladys Titus
1198EasthamFO Douglas G RCAF25 FebWetmore Scrapbook
EcclesLieut. D Roderick,1805 Dec 1917Dorothy White
EdsforthRev Gilbert F03 Feb 1985Dorothy White
974/976EdwardsAlice J14 Nov paperWetmore Scrapbook
736EdwardsHamilton Irving17 Jan 1940Wetmore Scrapbook
EdwardsMary21 Apr 1983Dorothy White
Eisenhower Dwight D.29 Mar 1969Book 3 Gladys Titus
15 ElkinFrances Joanna (Purdy)27 Jun 1933Helen Flewelling
977EmeryMrs Ella MaudWetmore Scrapbook
ErbHelen Frances05 May 1982Dorothy White
Estabrooks Helena26 May 1976Book 5 Hazel Hanlan
971EvansAlbert Cunningham16 Jan 1944Wetmore Scrapbook
748EvansElizabeth Gertrude01 Aug 1934Wetmore Scrapbook
Farris Rita T.Book 3 Gladys Titus
FeeroFrank Wellesley28 Feb 1997GM Clippings
FeeroNan C, 5615 Apr 1983Dorothy White
122FenwickEdna P16 Feb 1964Book 2 Myrtle Burnham
1199FerrisA G BlairWetmore Scrapbook
FindleyRev Kenneth Marryatt06 Dec 1995Dorothy White
Findley Kenneth M.06 Dec 1995Book 5 Gladys Titus
130FitzgeraldJohn Milton2 May 1972Book 1 Myrtle Burnham
D1FitzpatrickJennie27 Mar 1889Wetmore Scrapbook
746FitzpatrickLucy A07 JanWetmore Scrapbook
FlaggSadie MayDorothy White
Flanders Vera St. John1965Book 3 Gladys Titus
36FlenstedPederBook 2 Myrtle Burnham
FlewellingAlton Everett13 Mar 1989Dorothy White
1210FlewellingElizabeth16 Jan 1941Wetmore Scrapbook
976FlewellingEmma Sarah16 feb 1944Wetmore Scrapbook
977FlewellingGerald Egbert Venning11 Jan 1946Wetmore Scrapbook
749FlewellingKennethWetmore Scrapbook
1007FlewellingWalterWetmore Scrapbook
FlewellingWinnifred L08 Mar 1980Dorothy White
Flewelling Lorne E.21 Dec 1978Book 4 Gladys Titus
751FlewwellingEdmund ADied Friday. Funeral 13 JulWetmore Scrapbook
D5FordMr Rolla A02:30 PMWetmore Scrapbook
FosterRobert Gregory, 5325 Dec 1978Dorothy White
D2FosterWilliam05 Dec 1892Wetmore Scrapbook
764FraserAnnie S25 Mar 1957Wetmore Scrapbook
FriarsRoy H04 May 1985Dorothy White
26FrinkR W WBook 1 Myrtle Burnham
D1FrostGenevieve16 Jun 1890Wetmore Scrapbook
29 Frost John (Jack) EHelen Flewelling
D9FullerHerbert Lincoln14 Oct 1919 paperWetmore Scrapbook
993FullerRt Rev Dr W ETuesdayWetmore Scrapbook
D1FullertonAbraham B07 Mar 1890Wetmore Scrapbook
29 FullertonAlice Rebecca (Middleton)21 Mar 1959Helen Flewelling
L6FullertonGeorge A18 Jul 1977Book 2 Myrtle Burnham
FullertonGeorge Raymond19 Feb 1997GM Clippings
752FullertonMarian M [Miller]01 Dec 1923Wetmore Scrapbook
27FullertonMarian W (Miller)01 Dec 1923Book 1 Myrtle Burnham
FullertonMary W (Cody)21 Apr 1982Dorothy White
28 FullertonMaud (Williams)22 Jul 1938Helen Flewelling
115FullertonMiss Clara A05 Jul 1964Book 1 Myrtle Burnham
D2FullertonMrs E P[L Amelia]10 May 1893Wetmore Scrapbook
Fullerton Alice (Middleton)21 Mar 1959Book 1 Hazel Hanlan
Fullerton Bertha H (Holder)25 Feb 1977Book 6 Hazel Hanlan
Fullerton Charles E25 Aug 1973Book 3 Hazel Hanlan
Fullerton Frank S 20 Oct 1972Book 4 Hazel Hanlan
Fullerton Frederick William1967Book 1 Hazel Hanlan
Fullerton Marion M11 Dec 1923Book 1 Hazel Hanlan
Fullerton Miss Bessie1953Book 1 Hazel Hanlan
Fullerton Miss Clara R25 Dec 1937Book 1 Hazel Hanlan
Fullerton Miss Helen4 Oct 1973Book 3 Hazel Hanlan
Fullerton Robert HApr 1931Book 1 Hazel Hanlan
Fullerton Walter P1975Book 5 Hazel Hanlan
755GalbraithAlbert T02 Apr 1939Wetmore Scrapbook
977/982GalbraithMatilda May30 Jul 1946Wetmore Scrapbook
Ganong James EBook 1 Hazel Hanlan
2 Ganong James E Jr.02 Jun 1897Helen Flewelling
Ganong WalterJan 1970Book 1 Hazel Hanlan
5 Ganong Walter30 Apr 1930Helen Flewelling
Garnett Elva Ruth (Barnett)10 Jul 1968Book 1 Hazel Hanlan
D3GayE E 28 Feb 1896Wetmore Scrapbook
GiggeyLillian M09 Mar 1980Dorothy White
743GiggeyMaud F1923Wetmore Scrapbook
743GiggeyMillidge W07 Dec 1936Wetmore Scrapbook
GiggeyRobert E14 Aug 1993Dorothy White
747GiggeyWilliam PSaturdayWetmore Scrapbook
D3/975GiggeylooseMary C22 May 1944Wetmore Scrapbook
Gillieo Malcolm Thurlow16 Dec 1964Book 3 Gladys Titus
739GilliesPhilippa TuesdayWetmore Scrapbook
GillilandFrederick OtisDorothy White
GillilandGeorge Stanley31 Jul 1984Dorothy White
D2GordonEliza28 Mar 1893Wetmore Scrapbook
D1GordonGeorgina Rebecca Rennie04 May 1889Wetmore Scrapbook
GorhamArthur Bostwick28 Apr 1987Dorothy White
GorhamBlanche Marion09 Jun 1995Dorothy White
GorhamElizabeth "Lizzie" A07 Mar 1981Dorothy White
998GorhamMrs Frank BWetmore Scrapbook
982GorhamR PWetmore Scrapbook
Gorham Adino Reese "Di"1960Book 3 Gladys Titus
Gorham Frank B5 Jun 1974Book 3 Hazel Hanlan
Gorham George Raymond "Nick"16 Aug 1970Book 3 Gladys Titus
Gorham R. P.1946Book 3 Gladys Titus
GrantRuth Anne16 Jan 1980Dorothy White
Grant Sgt. William S17 Sep 1942Book 1 Gladys Titus
GrassGerald A10 Nov 1983Dorothy White
GrassIda May30 Dec 1981Dorothy White
GrassKen, Jr08 May 1966Dorothy White
757GrayAmanda M19 Jan [1898]Wetmore Scrapbook
Gray Amanda M 19 Jan 1898MGD/Trinity
Gray George S 25 Sep 1915MGD/Trinity
63GraysonHoward Edmund1958Book 2 Myrtle Burnham
Green Edna L30 Nov 1972Book 4 Hazel Hanlan
GreggGordon A29 Mar 1984Dorothy White
998GunnWilliam james08 Dec 1950Wetmore Scrapbook
744GunnWilliam RWetmore Scrapbook


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